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I'm sorry for the long rambly email...ACTUALLY I'M NOT! HA!

June 17, 2011
Body paragraph

I question the technology which mediates our conversations. The platforms we use to communicate shape in such subtle, yet intense ways what we end up saying.

CASE IN POINT: How many times have you apologized for a long email? I know I have. I just read one today with the same little disclaimer. It's bullcrap! You look at those long rambly emails and nine times out of ten they aren't rambly or too long at all. In fact, they're actually pretty short compared to a newspaper article, short story, solliloquy or a number of forms of communication.

Down with the confining norms of email and the apologies we feel obligated to make for expressing ourselves.

P.S. Sorry if this is too long or rambly. he he.